Tuesday, August 23, 2011

After Reconciliation, There Goes Democracy

I just blogged the postponment of reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas and now see that democracy continues also to be on hold:

Abbas postpones local elections in West Bank

President Mahmoud Abbas issued a decree on Monday postponing local West Bank elections scheduled for October 22.

The presidential decree postpones elections "until appropriate circumstances" exist, the statement said, and gives time "to provide the Central Elections Commission with the opportunity to continue preparations for holding elections in all Palestinian districts."

The postponement will also provide the "appropriate environment" for efforts to end "division and reaching reconciliation and national unity," the decree said.

Local elections were last postponed in July 2011 to give more time to a reconciliation agreement between rival parties Hamas -- which rules the Gaza Strip and refuses elections until the electoral commission is reformed -- and Fatah in the West Bank, signed in May.

I see they are really preparing themselves for full Arab statehood: no freedom of the press, human rights abuses, lack of adequate judicial transparency, donor funds embezlement and now no elections.

Great going there, Pals.


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Anonymous said...

a Jewish settler talks about democracy. What a joke! Why it is only Jews have the vote in the West Bank, habibi? Where's your Jewish democracy when half of the people in Erez Israel are denied the vote? Hypocrisy is the greatest luxury.