Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sally and Her Fingers or, Is That The Way a Woman Married to A Nice Jewish Man Should Act?

Sally, wife of Speaker of the Parliament John and Jewish, Bercow and her finger:

Actually, she was going to use two fingers:-

‘Because of who I’m married to it’s not acceptable apparently, I hope he doesn’t divorce me over it. ’Because I’m married to the speaker apparently I’m not supposed to do this sort of thing. ‘But I am not my husband.’

She said she was raising £100,000 for the Ambition for Autism charity. ‘Even if I cock up, my charity gets the money. ‘I want to stick two fingers up to the establishment who think it’s the kind of thing I shouldn’t do’

She said her appearance was bound to ‘raise a few eyebrows’


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aparatchik said...

She recently held a twitter poll to name her husband's cat and the winning name was "Order!". Now when her husband is looking for the thing he has to wander round the house shouting "Order! Order!" (something he does in his job, if you didn't know).