Wednesday, August 24, 2011

On Vintage "Occupied Territory"

It seems that Palestinians 'to march on Jerusalem' - and they will do so from four directions in a coordinated protest organized by the "Olive-Revolution" movement on the last Friday of Ramadan.

More details from the Olive Revolution site:-

We from the Olive Revolution (popular revolution and national humanitarian non-armed revolution against the Israeli occupation) start the campaign ‘knocking on doors of Jerusalem’...a response to all the Israeli policies of Judaizing Jerusalem. We state that Jerusalem will remain the jewel of the Arabs and capital of our future country. Jerusalem is the symbol of our pride and our national dignity...We are planning to knock on four doors:
1. The Northern section Qalandia.
2. The Western section of the Apartheid Wall in the village of Biddu, northwest of Jerusalem.
3. The Eastern door in Shufat.
4. The Southern door at Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem.

The honorable speakers: Aziz Dweik, Mahmoud Habash, Taysir Tamimi and Yusuf Jamal will join us as the Friday’s speakers in the four places mentioned.

Overall object is that the demonstrations will

"emphasize the fact that Palestinians are systematically denied entry to the city Israel, despite it being part of the territory occupied in 1967,"

the popular committee said.

Well, for me, Jerusalem was last occupied in 1948 when it's Jewish population was ethnically cleansed from the Old City quarter, from Shimon HaTzadik and from other neighborhoods.  And during 1948-1967, despite the right to visit the Western Wall and the Mt. Scopus cemetery, as agreed upon in the Israel-Jordan Armistice, here:-

Article VIII

2. The Special Committee shall be organised immediately following the coming into effect of this Agreement and shall direct its attention to the formulation of agreed plans and arrangements for such matters as either Party may submit to it, which, in any case, shall include the following, on which agreement in principle already exists: free movement of traffic on vital roads, including the Bethlehem and Latrun-Jerusalem roads; resumption of the normal functioning of the cultural and humanitarian institutions on Mount Scopus and free access thereto; free access to the Holy Places and cultural institutions and use of the cemetery on the Mount of Olives;

nothing happened.  Well, yes, what happened was that Jordanian soliders used to shoot and snipe from the walls of the Old City.
So, if anyone should be upset about an 'occupation', it is we Jews.  We were denied religious rights and free access for 19 years.  The Arabs have that and if they weren't so entralled about employing terror ever since 1948, there would be no restrictions whatsoever.
Activists, you wouldn't even need a non-armed revolution (wait, will it be non-violent or just non-armed?) if your fellow revolutionaries wouldn't be so thrilled and excited about using terror to kill Jews.
Peace is such a better revolution, peace with co-existence.
Oh, and leave the olive branches at home, they could be perceived as weapons.

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