Saturday, August 27, 2011

J Street: Rabid Skunks; Euthanisia Required

No, not the organization that seeks to undermine Israel's security and diplomatic standing.

A real street in Sacramento:

Rabid skunks found in Downtown Plaza parking garage

A skunk captured at the Downtown Plaza parking garage has tested positive for rabies.

Signs have been posted at the garage warning visitors to be on the lookout for skunks in the vicinity of the garage at Fourth and J streets. Nobody has yet been bitten by one of the normally nocturnal animals, but an animal control officer has been sprayed trying to snare one of them.

Gina E. Knepp, acting Animal Care Services Manager for the City of Sacramento, said on Aug. 16 about 1:30 p.m. the police department notified the city that animal care was needed at the parking garage entrance between Fourth and Fifth street on J Street.

Animal control was told that there was a skunk running around in the underground garage, chasing people. Skunks are nocturnal and not usually seen during the day -- a possible sign of illness in the animal.

The responding animal control officer was also chased by the skunk, but, undaunted, he used a long pole with a noose to catch the critter. The animal control officer was sprayed by the skunk but the animal was successfully brought to animal control, which euthanized it.

A parable?


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