Saturday, August 20, 2011

On the Middle Class Economic Revolution in Israel

(via Steve Plaut)

In Makor Rishon there's an article written by Rabbi Haim Navon. He is mocking the tent-city protesters and their demands. He suggests that in the next round of protests they issue a series of demands related to the hot summers in Israel. According to Navon, these should include:

1. A law that limits how hot it can get in Israel in August.

2. In order to make productive use of solar energy Israel needs to destroy all settlements in the West Bank at once and replace them with large solar panels.

3. Israel will officially cut July and August down to 15 days each and insert a new month in between them – the month of chill and solidarity.

4. All factories in the Israeli periphery that emit pollution will be converted into igloo manufacturers.

5. Tens of thousands of igloos will be distributed for free to Israelis living in hardship, especially to Negev Bedouin squatters living illegally on lands that do not belong to them.

6. Since greenhouse gases are causing global warming, all Israeli power plants will be shut down in August, making it a cooler month.

7. Being realists, the protesters understand that Israel would still need a source of power and so they are proposing that it be generated by conscripting tens of thousands of unemployed Israelis and assigning
them to peddling stationary bike exercise machines attached to a generator to generate electricity, while earning high wages.

8. Every Israeli citizen will receive an organic air conditioner unit that generates its own energy with compost and love.

9. The government will be asked to provide subsidized air tickets for young Israelis wishing to go to cooler countries in August.

10. And the most important way to make August cooler is to get rid of Bibi and his government.

Israel is the only country where a middle class semi-revolution can take place, pushed by socialists.


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