Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Seeing and Not Seeing in the Middle East

Who wrote this and about what?

Considering where we come from, who our partners are, and where we set our vision going forward, the option of despair and disillusionment is simply nonexistent.

Well, first the writers:

Stav Bar-Shany studies Middle East and general history at Tel Aviv University. A former member of the Meretz political party, Bar-Shany worked with member of Knesset Dr. Tzvia Greenfield...She thinks that Tel Aviv is the best place in the world, and that a two-state solution is the only political option to ensure that Israel will continue to prosper and fulfill its unique potential.

Maayan Ravid is soon to complete her studies in political science and the history of the Middle East and Africa at Tel Aviv University. Ravid has lived in Israel and in the San Francisco Bay Area and has been involved with community initiatives promoting peace and reconciliation on both continents. She has volunteered for several years with Sudanese refugees in Israel and worked with Hillel on social justice programs.

And now, take a deep breath for the vision

First, we look back: ...This is the only country we have, with its distinct Jewish character, historical ties, intensity, and never-ending challenges. We must continue striving to live here safely and peacefully. We cannot give up on their hopes and dreams.

Second, we look around: ...We understand that there must be another way to ensure safety and promote a livelihood for both sides — to create a viable future for two states...

Third, we look ahead: We want to continue living in this country. Our ancestors struggled for it in the past and we struggle for it today. But we do not want our children to need to continue that struggle further. The Zionist dream is not to continue living on the sword while preventing another people their own sovereignty. The Zionist dream is to be a nation among nations with many achievements, aspirations, and a sense of moral integrity. We cannot give up on the future.

There are none so blind as those who will not see or, as Jeremiah 5:21 has it:-

Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding, that have eyes, and see not, that have ears, and hear not:

How they can propose and presume to solve all their parameters within the reality we face is beyond me.



Anonymous said...

zionism has so many contradictions. Democracy, colonialism, morality, human rights abuses.

They will shaft the settlers to save the Jewish state. It is such a pity. imagine putting thirty years into a beautiful home and losing it overnight because of a shift in politics as the policy becomes the return to the core. where would you live in Tel Aviv? A shitty flat ? would you be able to save much of your stuff?

YMedad said...

Having lived in Shiloh for 30 years and being involved with the movement to renew Jewish life in Judea & Samaria, etc. for over 40 years, I can well understand your frustration. Poor man. Jewish success. Is it too painful for you that it makes you return to my blog again and again? Enjoy your suffering.

Anonymous said...

The meltdown is going to be magical. I'll be getting popcorn in.

Jews have always done power badly and Israel is no exception.

YMedad said...

rather a fantasy and a delusion.

"badly"? is that why you keep coming back here and refuse to identify yourself? such a masochist. enjoy your pain.