Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Countering Pal. UDI


There Could Be A Two-state Solution

But A One-way Declaration Won't Work At All

(and that could be: "Empty Head")



Anonymous said...

There is no point in negotiating with lying Zionists. All you want is the land. All you have to offer is bad faith.

Yiou had your chances over the last 20 years and what did you stupid Jews do? You built more settlements. You have no interest in peace.
Enjoy the tactical withdrawal to the green line, suckers.
Remember Gush Katif.

YMedad said...

Gee, you must be very frustrated. Bad language doesn't help your cause. Arabs don't help you cause. We do remember well what a failure it was that disengagment only leading to more terror.

Anonymous said...

It is over for YESHA.
You don't have enough Jews to make it work. The Diaspora don't want to be part of it and what you have done to Israeli society to play out your fantasies has destroyed the economic future of the country.
Israel has spent over $100 bn dollars on YESHA when it could have built a sustainable society with a proper education system and decent housing for everyone. And eveything you have built in YESHA is going to have to be abandoned. $100bn. You clown.

aparatchik said...

LOL the Yesha project is what will prevent Yesha becoming another Gaza - and that is what is upsetting you so much, master baiter.