Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Remember That Construction Moratorium?

You recall my pictures from last November? Here at Shiloh?

And this sign from April 2010?

Same site today.  Progress:

Think about that when wondering what our purpose is in our national home.



aparatchik said...

Go for it!

BTW are you able to purchase privately owned land from nearby Arabs?

YMedad said...

Actually, most of the land is not private but miri or mawat so it's compicated. Sort of long-standing squatters' rights or Arab occupation.

Anonymous said...

Those apartments will make lovely homes for the Sabra and Shatila refugees. will you be furnishing them too?

YMedad said...

a) you've got a long wait
b) refugees? the dead ones the Christians killed? or the live ones the Hezbollah dominate?

aparatchik said...

So do the Arabs pay rent or something to the State of Israel for living there? How does it work?

Also would it be possible to "buy out" a whole village, give them a golden handshake so they will be welcomed as wealthy people elsewhere in the (Arab) world, then populate the village with Jews?

Anonymous said...

They said Sharm el sheikh would never be surrendered.

Over 300 soldiers died defending Gush Katif which they said would never be surrendered.

You say Shiloh will never be surrendered.

I give you 10 years.

aparatchik said...

Superficially, Jew-baiting is a good way to make up for one's inadequacies however it only delays the moment of bitter realisation.

Anonymous said...

Who is going to back Israel when the sanctions come? This is not Jew baiting. This is basic logic.

aparatchik said...

The friends of Israel will back her as they have always done in the boycotts of the past that ultimately made Israel stronger. So go on and full your boots.