Monday, August 29, 2011

Jewish Vineyard Partially Destroyed - by IDF & Civil Administration

Police Attack Vineyard Near Shiloh

Large forces of Yasam special police tried to tear down a vineyard late Monday morning at Adei Ad, near Shiloh. Three residents were arrested in the resulting confrontations...Regavim, an NGO that specializes in Jewish land rights, has filed a motion on this matter to the High Court. It wants the question of ownership decided. Residents blamed the IDF Civil Authority of trying to quickly create facts on the ground and raze the vineyard after Regavim's motion was filed to the High Court.  "Despite our protestations and explanations, the Civil Administration continued the destruction until NK Uri Ariel (National Union) showed up and stopped it."

MK Ariel told Arutz Sheva that several dunams of vineyard had been destroyed before he showed up and intervened. It is terrible to see the vines uprooted but people here are strong. With G-d's help we will plant 10 or 100 seedlings for every one destroyed."

Claim that a pilotless drone was used.

The area is closed due to military order.



NormanF said...
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NormanF said...

There won't be a world outcry over this. Barak is trying to ingratiate himself with Israel's Left. It reminds me of the parable of Naboth's Vineyard desired by the king. The royal family met a violent end after taking what it was not entitled to inherit.

A shameful moment for Israel!