Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rabbis Now Oppose My Neighbor's Initiative


Rabbis withdraw support for gay marriage

Senior Religious Zionism Rabbis Yaakov Ariel, Haim Drukman and Elyakim Levanon have withdrawn their support from a recent initiative seeking to match between religious homosexuals and lesbians until the religious and ethical aspects of the issue are clarified, Ynet has learned.  The three even demanded that the Kamoha association, which is part of the matchmaking initiative, immediately remove their names from the list of supporters on the association's website – until further notice.

...Rabbis Ariel and Drukman are refusing to address the issue and explain their stand, but Ynet has learned that they have not ruled out matches between homosexuals and lesbians. They believe that this option must be discussed seriously and thoroughly, including the halachic and mental aspects of such a move.

...The three rabbis feel that Rabbi Arale Harel, who initiated the new project, took things too fast when he launched the initiative based on their agreement in principle, and without receiving their final approval...Rabbi Menachem Burstein, head of the Jewish fertility organization Puah Institute, who supports the initiative, admitted that Rabbi Harel was wrong to have rushed to link the rabbis to the project, but added that he had no doubt that all Religious Zionism rabbis would eventually support it.

According to Burstein, a homosexual and lesbian planning to marry through the new project are required to present a letter from a therapist confirming that they have tried to become straight but failed, promise to remain faithful to each other as long as they are married and accept psychological guidance for them and their children – three conditions aimed at meeting any rabbinical or professional objection to the matter.

The project's initiator, Rabbi Harel, told Ynet that "throughout the years that the matchmaking initiative has been conducted, the abovementioned rabbis have been escorting the idea with their advice and resourcefulness. Now, after it has been made public, they have expressed reservations over its public aspect, as well as additional questions relating to a small number of the couples.

"These reservations were presented to me in talks I had with the rabbis, and therefore we stopped publishing their names as supporters of the initiative until the issue is clarified. Apart from the abovementioned rabbis, there are others who support this initiative and their names will be published soon."

I noted his efforts here and also here.


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