Monday, August 29, 2011

Now, It's Bombing From The Air & Killing Civilians

No, not in Gaza.  Not Israel.

Turkey.  Against the Kurds in Iraq:

Iraqi Kurds flee Iranian and Turkish bombardment

MANGORAYATI, Iraq (Reuters) - ...Along the Iraqi northern Kurdish region's borders with Iran and Turkey, hundreds of refugees have fled since mid-July to small camps to escape attacks by Iraq's neighbours on rebels hiding along the frontier in their long war for Kurdish self-rule. Iraqi Kurds say they are caught in the middle as Turkey and Iran attack their villages across the the foot of Qandil mountains where Turkish jets now fly low across the frontier to hunt Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) rebels taking refuge in northern Iraq and southern Turkey...
And this

Turkey's armed forces said on Monday some 145-160 Kurdish guerrillas were killed in the military's air and artillery strikes in northern Iraq this month, raising the toll from between 90 and 100 rebels. The attacks, the first in more than a year on suspected Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) rebel bases in Iraq, were launched after PKK assaults in Turkey killed more than 40 security force personnel over the previous month.

Are they too far inland for an aid flotilla from Israel?

Is Assad of Syria going to the UN over this?


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