Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Delete Internet Arab Terror

Anti-Zionist, anti-Israel and, yes, anti-Semitic, campaigns have made use of various Internet and Cyberspace fields, making the their own "occupied territories".

They have promoted a false version of history, have been moving hate and violence and have been engaged in terror of a new sort, political, economic, academic and even real dead terror.

It's about time we took back Holocaust denial Facebook pages, BDS web sites, propaganda news nets, Twiiter twerping and so much more, including all the new social media developments.

We sunk the flotilla.

We can delete this as well.



Anonymous said...

Holocaust denial must be challenged but you have no hope of sinking BDS. What you are doing to the palestinians is immoral and off the moral scale of all the goys who buy Israeli.

YMedad said...

Dear Anon. - be cool, learn proper language. the plural of 'goy' is 'goyim' and by the way, that's actually Yiddish because the nation of Israel is also a 'goy' which means, in Hebrew, a 'nation'.