Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Real 'Final Word'

In the NYTimes report on the law case loss of Walajeh village claims, they being rejected by Israel's High Court of Justice and so the security barrier route nearby will not be radically altered, Mazin Qumsiyeh, a leader of the anti-barrier protests, said

...the access points [to be provided] wouldn't help because only landowners, and not farmhands, would be allowed through.   "This is the kind of thing that comes from Israeli courts," Qumsiyeh said. "They usually try to find some sort of compromise, so to speak, but the end result is that the military establishment has the final word."

Actually, Mazin, the 'final word' has been given by you and others amoung you who attempted and attempt to finish what was supposedy the Final Solution.

You allowed terrorists to represent you, from 1920 on and to murder defenceless Jews.

You allowed the Mufti to represent you, even when he was in Berlin, broadcasting pro-Hitler messages during World War II.

You allowed his memory and heritage to drive you and you parents' and grnadparents' generations to slaughter Jews in Hebron, Jerusalem, Hulda, Tiberias, Tel Hai and too many other places until 1947 and continued with the terror fedayeen campaign in the 1950s and then followed the path of PLO resistance since 1964.

We kept offering you to alter that 'final word' but you wouldn't, even after peace agreements and arrangements and negotiations were conducted.  When solutions were discussed.  When compromise was on the table.  When a Nobel Peace Prize was won (but not earned).

No, your 'final word' was terror, then and now, and incitement and hatred in school books and summer camps.

Maysin, we have heard and comprehended your 'final word'.

You were not asking for justice and we will not yield on security and existence.


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