Monday, July 07, 2014

Jewish Victims of Arab Terror 1873-1920

Based on just one site, I collected the names of Jews who were killed by Arabs between 1873 and the Fall of Tel Chai in March 1920.  They were either civilians going about their regular business or guardsmen protecting Jewish property and life from Arab attacks.

Aharon Hershler, January 1873
Yisrael Chaim Sheinboim, April 9, 1881
Rachel Hadad, April 2, 1886
Avraham Yalovski, January 1888
Yisrael Roseman, August 1890
Bechor Moshon, September 1900
Yaakov Avramovitz, September 24, 1902
Yitzhak Cohen, November 24, 1903
Shimon Melamed, April 12, 1909
Yisrael Korngold, April 12, 1909
Dov Schweiger, April 12, 1909
Yaakov Plotkin, November 18, 1909
Pinchas Abramowitz, October 13, 1910
Yehezkel Nissanov, February 2, 1911
Tzvi Bortanovsky, July 5, 1911
David Saharov, July 23, 1912
Moshe Teich, September 18, 1912
David Levyatan, August 4, 1913 
Shmuel Friedman, August 23, 1913
Moshe Barski, November 22, 1913
Yosef Zaltzman, November 24, 1913
Yaakov Feldman, December 7, 1913
Yosef Sussman, 1914*
Dov Klay, February 25, 1915
Yekutiel Rabiav, April 1916
Elazar Finkelstein, April 20, 1916
Mordechai Zohar, August 1917
Moshe Seglowitz, June 20, 1918
Gavriel Berkowitz, February 9, 1919
Schneur Shaposhnik, December 12, 1919
Aharon Scher, Gebruary 2, 1920

I used the official Yizkor site which itself is based on books, memoirs, archives and newspapers.  It seems there is another, different, counting in this book, page 205 (which just had its 25th anniversary celebrated.  He's not pro-Zionist).

The dates I selected are arbitrary.  I actually consider Avraham Shlomo Zalman Zoref, who was murdered by sword blows in 1851 as the first Jewish victim of Arab terror intended to deny Jews our national rights. I have not yet located a site to find names from 1851 to 1873. The list should be considered incomplete.

* Yosef Sussman, for example, was walking back to Jerusalem from his duties at Qalandia in 1914 when he was killed, his body, presumably tossed into a cave or cistern, never found.

Let us not have new terror victims cause us to forget those who were killed previously.


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