Thursday, July 31, 2014

Can You Trust Your Media?

Based on this EOZ post, here are questions (and some I have reformulated and have also added to) that should be in your mind when watching TV, reading your newspapers or news sites or even listening to your radio and the subject of Gaza, Hamas and Israel come up:

Since Hamas rockets fall short or explode at launch at the rate of 10%-20% and hurt or kill Gaza civilians, why don't reporters in Gaza refer to that?

There has been heavy fighting in Gaza. Why do reporters assume all damage/casualties are from IDF?

The Gaza Interior Ministry has instructed Gazans not discuss certain things with reporters. How do you find out the truth?  Moreover, there have been stories about Gazans intimidating reporters who report Hamas rocket fire, for example. Can you trust your reporter fully?

Media reports indicate that Hamas has executed a number of unarmed protesters. Why is there neither confirmation or disavowal?

Palestinian media reports about 30 collaborators killed by Hamas so far. Have you heard any reporters on the scene or reproting on this?

Do any of the reporters in Gaza have any military experience? Actual combat experience? If not, do you think that is a problem?

All else being equal, do reporters in Gaza believe Hamas statements more than IDF statements?

Has any reporter in Gaza asked UNRWA any questions about how its material ends up in tunnels or how rockets end up in schools?

Why have journalists ignored statistical evidence that contradict Hamas claims re. # of civilians killed?

Why hasn't the presence of Hamas personnel in Al Shifa hospital been reported widely?

As a result of the previous engagements in Gaza, when Israel claimed that mosques and other civilian property have been used for purposes of terror, why have no reporters investigated?

Since reporters have done stories on the smuggling tunnels, why no stories on the attack tunneles leading towards Israel?

Can you trust your media?


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