Sunday, July 13, 2014

An American Outdoes Israelis in a Big Big Way

"Illegitimate". "Illegal". "Unhelpful". "Obstacle". "Colonialism".

And what not.

Jewish residential communities, otherwise termed "settlements", are at least on territory the League of Nations verified as historically connected ot the Jewish national homeland.

But this guy has outdone us all:-

[Jeremiah] Heaton, [who ran for Congress out of Virginia’s 9th district in 2012 and lost]...was journeying through the desolate southern stretches of Egypt and into an unclaimed 800-square-mile patch of arid desert. There, on June 16 — Emily’s seventh birthday — he planted a blue flag with four stars and a crown on a rocky hill. The area, a sandy expanse sitting along the Sudanese border, morphed from what locals call Bir Tawil into what Heaton and his family call the “Kingdom of North Sudan.”

There, Heaton is the self-described king and Emily is his princess.

...Sheila Carapico, professor of political science and international studies at the University of Richmond, told the Bristol Herald Courier last week that Heaton would need legal recognition from neighboring countries, the United Nations or other groups to have actual political control of the land.

President Obama, what say you?

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