Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wise Tom Friedman

In my view, the only way Israel can truly curtail the Hamas rocket threat is if the Palestinians of Gaza demand that the rockets stop. Sure, Israel can inflict enough pain on all of Gaza to get a cease-fire, but it never lasts. The only sustainable way to do it is by Israel partnering with moderate Palestinians in the West Bank to build a thriving state there, so Gaza Palestinians wake up every day and say to the nihilistic Hamas: "We want what our West Bank cousins have." The only sustainable controls are those that come from within.

That wisdom was brought to you by ... Tom Friedman

Hamas wants to overthrow the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority.  They've been ruling Gaza since 2007, when they were democratically (supposedly) elected to power, and no Gazan has woken up since and called for rational economic development (i.e., greenhouse burning) or new elections or anything not to do with Islamism.  Suicide bombers, though, are a'plenty.

Another bit of wisdom:
isolated Gazans can make their own drones

Not Iranian-supplied?  Smuggled in via tunnels?

That level of smartness and intelligence is just par for the New York Times.

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