Monday, July 28, 2014

Christine's Foul Mouth

Meet Christine, Christine Habib:

Christine is a journalist, and a news anchor.

Yes, Christine is pretty.

But she sinks and is empty-headed:

On Friday, Christine Habib, a Lebanese reporter who, according to her Facebook profile, is a "Senior Reporter at Al Jadeed TV," issued a tweet calling for Iran to send nuclear weapons to Hamas for use against Israel, assuming the Islamic country has weapons to send.
"#Iran should send its nuclear weapons, if they exist, to #Hamas," she tweeted. Her message sparked a great deal of controversy on Twitter.

Now, I am not claiming her sex gender or her good looks are influencing my opinion but she's a dumb lady.

No, not because she hates Israel.  You don't have to be ugly, although that helps, to dislike Israel. But as many responders remarked, a nuclear weapon would kill more Arabs and Muslims and Christians (I am assuming she, too, is a believer in Jesus) than Israel has killed since 1948.  Her remark also assists Israel's public diplomacy in highlighting the total irrationality, immorality and insane approach Arabs have when Israel is the issue in promoting genocide and indiscriminate killing of ... civilians.

Her station seems to be a front for the most extreme political positions in Lebanon.

Front or not, she is a backward lady.


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