Sunday, July 27, 2014

If It Looks & Smells Like Hamas, It Is Hamas

This is, again, going around:

Hamas Didn’t Kidnap and Kill the 3 Israeli Teens After All 

The kidnappers were Hamas members.

"Those who perpetrated the abduction of our youths were members of Hamas"

That sat in jail as Hamas.
Their family is Hamas and relatives died in clashes with the IDF as Hamas.
Hamas did not condemn the kidnapping.
There was praise:

And this:

In an interview with Al-Jazeera earlier this week, Mashaal called the abductions a heroic act on behalf of the Palestinians and claimed to not have any information on incident.
Mashaal insisted that Gilad Shaar, Eyal Yifrach and Naftali Frenkel, who were hitchhiking on their way home for the Sabbath from school when they were kidnapped, were “settlers and soldiers in the Israeli army.”
“No one claimed responsibility so far. I can neither confirm [Hamas’s involvement] nor deny it,” Mashaal stated.
Mashaal was quick to point out that the circumstances of the kidnapping far exceed who is actually behind the abductions. Calling the kidnapping terror attack a common “disappearance,” Mashaal said the three kidnapped boys were not “youths, as Israel calls them, but first and foremost settlers…and not even regular settlers, but armed ones.”

Was their a direct order?
Was there a need for so?
There was a third man (from the phone call).
The two have not been arrested and interrogated.
Hamas has been announcing it wants to kidnap.
Multiple attempts had been made previously.

And in any case, Hamas, if it didn't kidnap, did not need to fire off rockets in increasing numbers during Operation "Bringing Them Home".

Give us a break.


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Anonymous said...

It's important to push back against this by clarifying that clan leaders aligned with Hamas are just as much 'leaders'

Terrorist groups depend on clan support. You have different forms and tiers of leadership. It's not a simple model. Hamas isn't the Pentagon.