Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Does Hamas Really Kill Its Own Civilians?

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I decided to check, from the beginning of the year, any reports of Gazan civilians killed by Hamas' own rocket fire after posting this.

The results:-

9-22 January

out of 36 Home Made Rockets (HMRs)/Mortars, 19 landed in Gaza.

23 January-5 February

50% fell inside Gaza.

6-19 February

no mention.

20 February-5 March

6 dropped in Gaza.

6-19 March

24 out of 64 firings dropped short/exploded on-site.

20 March-2 April.

9 civilians injured and 1 death due to accidents involving explosive devices and unexploded ordnance.

3-16 April.

3 fatalities and 6 injuries due to accidental explosions.

17-30 April.

8 rockets dropped short out of 24.

I think the point is made: a significant percentage of rockets and mortars fired off by Hamas and Islamic Jihad fall short, never making it across the Green Line and do cause fatalities and injuries among civilians.

Over 1350 rockets have so far, at least, been fired at Israel since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge.

How many of those fell short and caused death, injury and destruction of property?

Okay, the latest report does not at all detail any.  Is that believable?



I've now been informed that Israel has counted 106 rockets falling short in Gaza so far (thanks EOZ).

and IDF finally caught up with me:


There was this previously.


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