Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Found!!! Obama's Redline:Gaza's Civilians

On July 19th, Kol Yisrael reported that US President Barack Obama had set limit of 1,000 dead Gazans that after which he would intervene to stop Israel's military yactivity:

Here's the recording and the translation via IMRA:

"A senior source in the American Administration says that if the number of dead among the Palestinians in Gaza reaches 1,000 President Obama will demand that Israel immediately ceases fire - in a conversation with ourcorrespondent Oren Nahari."   Israel Radio News bulletin 14:00 19 July 2014

As a friend noted to me:

So Obama has drawn a redline that he’s actually enforcing.  No redlines enforced in Syria no matter how many die yet arbitrarily he chose 1000 Pals. Simply bizarre

and another friend commented:

And there is no way to assess the actual number of civilian casualties.  The only source is Hamas propaganda. 

So, Obama seems to be a bit of a bully and the only Arabs he really cares for are among the worse.

And if you are wondering 'but what about the civilians?', well, we all care for the innocents but the standard of innocence in Gaza is a problematic matter:

An example and there are many.


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Anonymous said...

He arbitrarily picked the number 1000. That’s like playing God and deciding what is an acceptable number of dead Palestinians. If not Godlike, it’s certainly dictatorial in terms of how he’s treating Israel. But morally it’s repugnant when looking at the rest of the world burning.