Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Deep Pink

Here he is

There he goes:

Another snap.

As reported

Rice's remarks were briefly interrupted by a heckler, who later gave his name as Tighe Barry, 50, from Los Angeles. He said he had flown to Washington from California to attend the meeting and belonged to an organisation called Jewish Voices for Peace.  "The truth is, Israel is killing innocent people in Gaza," he yelled during Rice's speech, before he was quickly and forcefully wrestled out by security. "Stop the bombing, stop the killing, stop the hate."

JVP or

 Code Pink for Peace member Tighe Barry

(you can hear him hear

How radical is he?  He supported Al-Quds Day last year.  "There's a holocaust going on in Palestine" (2:01).


Irrational.  Sick.  Uninformed.

He encourages the hate of Jews, assists the killing of Jews, facilitates the bombing of Jews.

His pinkness needs a very good washing out.


Why pay attention?

His anti-Zionism has found a home at JVP, a most inimical group of Jews:

Jewish Voice for Peace. We are inspired by Jewish tradition to work for peace, social justice, human rights, respect for international law, and a U.S. foreign policy based on these ideals. We believe that any solution in Israel and Palestine must be built on a foundation of equality and fairness for both peoples



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