Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Terrible Terror Tunnel Tragedy

Many are upset at the presumed lack of adequate attention paid to those terror tunnels of the Hamas in Gaza.

But let's look back:

Israel mounts air strike on Gaza tunnels overnightPA sources say 22 Gazans injured; strike comes after Gaza militants blow up dynamite-laden donkey cart near border with Israel.May 26, 2010 
IAF hits Gaza tunnels in wake of bombing attempt by seaPalestinians claim responsibility for attempted attack, say more explosive-laden barrels in sea.  Feb. 2, 2010
Air Force Bombs Gaza Tunnels after Rocket AttackThe IDF continues to execute government policy of bombing Gaza smuggling tunnels—but only after terrorists attack Israel with missiles.  May 5, 2010

And already in 2007:

Israeli aircraft have launched a bombing raid on a tunnel in the Gaza Strip, the country's military has said.
An army spokesman said the tunnel, on the border with Israel near the Karni crossing, was being used to carry out an attack. No casualties were reported. Secondary explosions seen after the air strike indicated explosives were hidden in the tunnel, the army spokesman said.  The move comes the day after a Palestinian suicide bomber killed three Israelis in the resort of Eilat.

And in 2006:

Terror Tunnel Found in Gaza 
August 28, 2006

A detonated tunnel, originally designed to facilitate terror attacks in Israeli territory, dug in the direction of the Karni humanitarian crossing between Israel and Gaza.

August 30, 2006
A detonated tunnel, originally designed to facilitate
terror attacks in Israeli territory, 
located near the Karni humanitarian crossing between Israel and Gaza.

Did humanitarian agencies assist in these matter, i.e., are Israeli citizens humans to deserve attention from terror?


The blockade prohibits most exports and restricts the entry of basic goods, including food and fuel. Much of the available food is provided by the UN and other aid agencies, or smuggled in through tunnels running under the Egypt-Gaza border and then sold on at exorbitantly high prices to Gaza’s beleaguered residents. The situation has been made worse by the Egyptian government’s construction of a steel wall along the border at Rafah to disrupt the cross-border smuggling that has become Gaza’s lifeline, as well as the bombing of tunnels by the Israeli airforce.

That was Amnesty International. 

I caught tonight the former Southern Front Commanding Officer Yoav Galant complaining, too.  But Hagai Humberman recounts in Matzav Ruach this week that back in July 2010, after another tunnel bombing, he asked Galant why, if Israel knows tunnels are being dug into Israel that it waits until some terror action to bomb them?

Galant responded that these tunnels are know, they really aren't that much of a danger, don't worry and we are taking care of them with or without a rocket being fired off.

More than a tragedy.


IDF Spokesperson reconfirms to IMRA:  4 tunnels found today but no tunnelsdestroyed - as explosives cannot be detonated during the humanitarianceasefire    ---    Dr. Aaron Lerner Date: 12:43 AM 27 July 2014
Following reports in the media that the IDF "handled" 4 tunnels on Saturdayduring the humanitarian ceasefire:
The IDF Spokesperson's Office reconfirmed to IMRA that the 4 tunnelsdiscovered on Saturday were discovered but not destroyed.   No tunnels havebeen destroyed during the course of the humanitarian ceasefire as the IDF detonates explosives to blow up the tunnels and the IDF does not detonate explosives during the ceasefire.


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