Sunday, July 06, 2014


If I wrote like this about an "Arab/Islamic/Palestinian Culture", would I be labeled a racist or such?

Press TV: ...The other matter at hand over here is the fact - that many don’t realize – that many Israeli settlers, they’re extremist settlers. This type of crime and actually violence against Palestinians is something they advocate - from the very beginning even when their children are born and the way they’re taught at school.
Tell us a little about that if you can and why that is advocated amongst Israeli extremist settlers and how that’s common?
Catron: Well, this is a part of the settlement culture in the West Bank...And the culture of settler violence is something that’s been escalating, I’m told, in particular this year and we’ve seen it of course most recently last night with the apparent kidnapping and murder of Mohammed Abu Khdair in East Jerusalem. 


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