Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Khaled Meshal's Speech

Khaled Mish'al reassures that there will not be compromise. No ceasefire unless siege is lifted. 

we have nothing against Egypt/its role. we respect all, & all Arab countries. but we are free and&no one can influence our decision

all the Palestinians want us to break the siege and we are determined to end it.

his is a war imposed on us; we fight it like men and take it as long as it takes.

some re talking about ending the siege AFTER the ceasefire. We tried that. we do not accept it now.

Palestinians of 48 have been wonderful resisting Israel's policies of Israelisating them

6 demands. then unite to free Palestine, bring back the refugees, use all sorts of resistance, to free Jerusalem. End collaboration

we have 6 conditions and you consider them too much? After so much blood? And after so much resilience?

we refuse any ceasefire that does not end aggression and end occupation, or that promises to do that after a ceasefire


Now a report.


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