Friday, July 11, 2014

The Math of Karl Vick

Karl Vick's math:

Everything about the latest offensive is moving fast, especially relative to the last round of fighting. That November 2012 air campaign — dubbed Operation Pillar of Defense by Israel — lasted eight days. Israel’s current offensive, Operation Protective Edge, has bombed more than half as many targets in Gaza in less than half the time — 860 in three days compared with 1,500 in eight days last time. The Israeli military said it destroyed more buildings in the first 36 hours of the current campaign than in all of Pillar of Defense. More people are dying too: the 80 fatalities reported so far is, once again, more than half the reported death toll from the longer bombing two years earlier.

But, according to a report

the eight-day operation in November, the report states, a total of 174 Palestinians were killed.

But actually, B'tselem's report stated

According to B’Tselem’s investigation, 167 Palestinians were killed 

Half of 167 equals 84 (rounded off).

If Vick reports 80 fatalities, his math is off. 

But if Hamas keeps up firing off its rockets (as it is doing), the numbers will change and keep changing.


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