Tuesday, December 08, 2020

More Names of Jews Murdered Before 1920

Back in 2014, I published a post dealing with Jewish victims of Arab violence prior to 1920, the year generally assumed to be the start of Arab political-motivated terror against Jews residing in the Land of Israel.

I did so as there are propagandists who maintain Arab anti-Jewish violence was a result of the Zionist movement and the Balfour Declaration. And that relationships between the communities prior to these developments was amenable. Of course Haaretz published a criticism of seeing these earlier victims of Arab violence as part of the 'long story' of Arab terror.

That previous post's list had 31 Jews murdered between 1873 and 1920 prior to the Tel Hai incident in March and the Jerusalem riots of April. And it mentioned the first Jew killed on the background of purchasing property, Avraham Shlomo Zoref, which was in 1851 and added there:

I have not yet located a site to find names from 1851 to 1873. The list should be considered incomplete.

I have now found an additional list which was published in the Davar newspaper on July 17, 1936, three months into the "Disturbances" which began in April that year and, eventually, lasted (with interruptions) until the Arab terror had forced Gt. Britain to issue the infamous May 1939 White Paper. Here it is:

I have attempted to confirm, as much as possible, from contemporary periodical accounts, the details in the above item.

I can now add names to the original list and, doing more research, add details to those I included in the first listing (so if you are counting, please review both lists as there are repeats):

Avraham Abba Zilberstein March 15, 1880 stabbed to death by robbers near Mishkenot Shaananim, Jerusalem. He was 17 and only 6 months married. Interestingly enough, he held American citizenship and the American Consulate involved itself in the murder. Here, from Havatzelet, March 

Nissan Menachem, son-in-law of the Rishon L'Tzion Avraham Ashkenazi, was murdered near Lifta on Jerusalem's outskirt, 25 Tishrei 1879

Yisrael Haim Sheinbaum fought with an Arab intruder who sought to rob him on March 13, 1881 in Meah Shearim. Critically wounded by knife stabs, he died on April 9.

Shlomo Telze, June 13, 1882, killed by robbers in his bed. His wife was critically injured.

Yechezkel Zacharin who exited his apartment on Friday night, June 28, 1884, was set upon by robbers, murdered and thrown into a water cistern, leaving a widow and small children:

Eliezer Epstein set out from Jerusalem by donkey for Jaffa after attending a court session, trying to obtain the return of loans that he had given but was waylaid on the road on the evening November 17, 1886 returning home. He was found about a hour's time outside the city, havng been shot. His head was sliced off:

On Friday night July 23, 1887, two women were found slain in their beds in Jerusalem, their throats cut, a Mrs. Shmuel Dov Yurist and Mrs. Yitzhak Poch.

On May 6, 1889, Yisrael Horowitz was beaten in his Jerusalem home in the Beit Yaakov quarter with iron bars , and died on May 29, 1889.

On October 28, 1899, Nissan Makanotof was killed in his bed in Jerusalem.

In Jerusalem, on December 2, 1899, Shmuel Aharon Goldberg and his wife Vita were killed, beaten and smothered to death.

Shalom Fischel Farber was murdered on March 21, 1900 while returning to his home in Gedera from Rechovot, near Zarnoga. He was a shoemaker.

Yaakov Tabah was killed on December 16, 1908 while accompanying two Arabs on a business trip on the road leading to Shchem in the north of Jerusalem.



Yisrael Mogilevitz Rozeman was the first martyr of Gedera, shot while on guard duty in late July 1890 and dying on the 13th of August.

Yisrael Korngold and Shimon Melamed were shot to death by Arabs on April 12, 1909 near Sejera.

On October 2, 1909, Yonah (Hamami) Kapra was killed in Rechovot, the moshava's first martyr. Returning from Gedera after collecting a debt for work done, 3 'Napoleans', he was robbed and shot in the head.

Avraham Berl was shot dead by Arab thieves who raided Sejera on June 6, 1910.

On July 15, 1911, Tzvi Bortanovsky was shot and killed by raiding Arabs at Sejera while on guard duty.

On February 23, 1913, Yehezkel Nissanov left Merchaviah in the company of Tzvi Nadav to distribute arms in Yavnael. They were ambushed by an Arab band and in the ensuing gun fight, he was shot dead. His daughter was born later that day and named Yehezkealah.

David Levytan was killed on August 4, 1913 in an almond grove near Rehovot, shot by Arab raiders where, four years later, another pioneer would be murdered.

On August 22, 1913, Shmuel Friedman was killed, stabbed to death near Zarnoga, on his way to assits pioneers at Rishon L'Tzion who owere being attacked by Arabs.

Moshe Barsky, for who Moshe Dayan was named, was killed by Arabs on November 11, 1913 returning to Degania bringing medicants for the sick Shmuel Dayan. As he had killed an Arab during the struggle, the Arabs conducted a revenge raid and murdered Yosef Saltzman of Kinneret on November 24, 1913 at Beitanya. Informed of his son's death, the Barsky's father wrote, "We are sending to you our second son to take the place of our son who has fallen. Moshe's death is bringing us all to ascend to the Land."

On February 12, 1915, responding to an attack by Arabs on M'lachamiah (to become Menachamia), Dov-Berl Klay Kolatshinsky set out to Yavnael for reinforcements and, upon returning with two others, they were ambushed and he shot and died. His body was tossed into the Jordan River and found only four days late.

Elazar Finkelstein, while guarding the fields of Ben Shemen, was shot by Arab marauders and died on April 20, 1916.

On June 29, 1916, two Jews, Yosef Amozig and Moshe Mallal, as reported in the following day's HeHeruth newspaper, were among those hanged by the Turkish Ottoman authorities for avoiding the military draft:

Mordechai Zohar, while guarding the almond grove east of Rechovot near Ramlah, was shot and killed by thieves on July 21, 1917.

On June 20, 1918, Moshe Segelovitz was shot dead by Arabs while guarding the fields of Merhaviya.

Michael Zeidelman was shot and killed while going to Rosh Pinna from Machanayim on September 7, 1918 in order to obtain more arms against maruading Bedouin from the Arab El-Haib tribe who were taking advantage of the vacuum left by the retreating Turkish army.

Schneour Shapushnik was in the fields of Tel Hai on December 12, 1919 when Bedouins attacked the community. The attack was thwarted but Schneour was shot dead where he worked.



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