Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Ganzer Chaim Gans

A quotation:

What supports and excuses Butler's view of Zionism as having a "structural commitment to state violence against minorities" [she argues for a total rejection of Zionism by identifying it with colonial policies of uprooting of entire populations] is the fact that since the 1970s, Zionist policies cannot but be identified with the most abhorrent interpretations of this ideology and with this structural commitment.

That was Chaim Gans of Tel Aviv University, author of A Just Zionism,

In A Just Zionism, Chaim Gans presents a philosophical analysis of the
justice of contemporary Zionism as realized by the State of Israel. He argues forcefully that ethnocultural nationalism can be just, and boldly advocates a two state solution, a Palestinian state living side by side Israel in secured borders, along the 1967 Green Line. 



Yehezkiel said...

If you had -at least- readed some pages of the book of the professor Gans u maybe will understand that assertion in that zionist review. Professor Gans is the only philosopher that I know that could provide a universal, just and moral interpretation of Zionism from the point of view of the contemporary study of nationalism. In his book, he clearly distinguishes between the morality of a "colony" in Tel- Aviv and one in Neve Daniel or Ariel, with a convincing philosophical, moral and legal argument.

You, and the Zionists who seek to discredit the difference between Judea and Samaria and Israel inside 1949 lines, do anything to downplay the relevance of the 1949 armistice lines, just to attack the left-wing zionists (a new kind of sinat achim i guess) . However, and despite the poor legal and pathetic arguments (from the IHL' experts point of view), this arguments began to be massively used by Palestinian anti-Zionists (See propagandist Diana Buttu and the possibility of liberal zionism' issue) just because the arguments are -prima facie- convincing.

I hope that when Israel is dismantled (Chas VeShalom ) either by demographics or by the global campaign of BDS, the historians of the Jewish diaspora will target and blame correctly the guilty for the destruction of our homeland. But also, in the reallity, I pray to Hashem that in the future, the names of the Yesha Council leaders, Otzmá Yisroel, Bayit HaYehudi, will not be accompanied by the words "iemach shemo vezichró". From my deeply Zionist heart , a Jew don't want that your task does succeed.


YMedad said...

Dear Yehezkiel the Jew with a Zionist heart:-

i have read much of Gans.

One thing who did write perturbed me: "the relevance of the 1949 armistice lines". Of all the things to be relevant???? A fluke of military prowess, or lack thereof, on both sides. Those are 'holy' or 'sacredx' (my terms)? If relevant, they are so due to the understanding that Arabs then, as now, have a deep motivation disconnected with anything we Jews actually do, to seek to eliminate Israel, in toto, kill Jews and quash Zionism, the Jewish national ethos. And who assist.

YMedad said...

sorry, that should be---

and you assist.