Sunday, March 09, 2014

Eliminate the Hope of Two States for the 'Palestinian People'

From Dror Ben-Yemini:

Destroy the hopes of the Palestinian right of return, before any compromise

Now it seems to me that not only is [Netanyahu's insistence on PA recognition of Israel as the 'Jewish state' a] demand that is not unnecessary, but it's actually the essence of the negotiations. This is not some quirk or a Bibi trick, but this substance. Recognition of the Jewishness of the state defines consciousness in all essential areas - the existence, borders.

The more they oppose recognition, so it seems more necessary...the refusal to recognize a Jewish state is not just a semantic issue, its meaning is that Israel exists for them on probation.

Once the majority is an Arab - Palestinian, it will not be the state of Israel. That is, the Arab position is not an ethnic, not just religious - it is simply a strategy, how to delete a state without a shot, using patience and tolerance.

Palestinians know and believe that only give them time and they will become the majority. Not just by birth, but also through the return of refugees...the Palestinian equation is: non-recognition of Jewish state = return of refugees .

...As long as the Palestinians continue to dream of the return of refugees to "their country", there can be peace...the existence of this hope is basically declaring war on us...Therefore, this hope should be eliminated before giving up land or anything else. We need to know the dream of return is no longer available. Only then can we be "two states for two peoples", and not "two countries for the Palestinian people.


That actually would be three states - Jordan is Palestinian, too.


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