Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Erekat and Ugly

[Palestinian Authority negotiator Saeb] Erekat insisted Palestine would not interfere with how Israelis “want to define themselves”, but said it was unwarranted to insist Palestinians should recognise Israel as a specifically Jewish state.
“Israelis cannot deny that I have my own narrative, I have my religion, I have my story,” he said. “When they ask me to recognise the Jewish state, what they are doing is asking me to change my narrative.”

Saeb, all we what is historical truth, not romanticized fiction. 

And this:

Erekat said the Palestinian delegation showed the US president a map showing 10,589 housing settlement units he said were built on Palestinian-claimed territory since negotiations began less than eight months ago.
“We put a map to president Obama – showed him the extent of what happened since we began in July,” Erekat said, showing the same map to an audience at the Wilson Center thinktank in Washington.
“It is a very ugly map. This was supposed to be land of the Palestinian state.” Describing how Israeli settlements weaken his hand in Palestinian negotiators, Erekat added: “I cannot weigh two kilos in Jericho and weigh 100 kilos in Washington, I really cannot.”

The map is not ugly.  That map is of life, and industry, and growth and development.  The Arab terror against Jews, though, is.  And that territory was originally supposed to be the Jewish state as guaranteed by the League of Nations.

As for kilos, we are not going to do any geographical dieting.


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