Thursday, March 27, 2014

Instruments of Media Control

Read this carefully:

...QUESTION: Everybody knows the endgame, but I wonder now whether you can understand the fear of Israelis. Do you understand that many Israelis feel that no deal is better than a bad deal --

SECRETARY KERRY: I have no argument with anybody in Israel who wants to say to me, “No deal is better than a bad deal.” I say that too. No deal – and I’m not in the business of trying to put together a bad deal. So everything we’re doing is working very, very closely with both sides to meet the security needs and the long-term needs of both sides. One thing I know – gosh, I mean, I know it 100,000 percent – is that you can’t turn to the people of Israel with the prospect that what you’re offering is going to turn the West Bank into Gaza. You can’t do that. Of course I understand that. Israel’s security is ironclad as a priority in this issue, and I’ve said that since day one.

QUESTION: But the things that happened ever since, and I’m asking concretely about the collapse of the Oslo Accords, about the fiasco at Camp David, about the eruption of the second intifada, and I’m asking that because many Israelis feel that every time we gave up, we got a violent response.

That's from the February 11th TV interview with Ilana Dayan.

Follow Dror Eydar's lead --- he published this:

"Everybody knows the end game," Dayan said to Kerry. This is a typical left-wing statement that means: Everybody knows that in the end, Jerusalem will be divided and the Palestinians will receive all of Judea and Samaria (except for the settlement blocs), and so on.

Well, no, not everybody knows that. Many serious people think differently. So far, the solutions proposed by the left-wing camp have pushed us to the edge of the abyss. Like the rest of her fellow journalists, Dayan resists being described as belonging to any "political camp." After all, she is from the U.N. and has no political agenda that receives prominence on her program. But that is the root of the lie that has been stuffed down the Israeli public's throat -- supposedly, there is a press that reports the news and is objective and free of political ambitions, and there is a press that is right-wing. That is not true at all.

Context and framing are the weapons, okay, instruments, of media control.


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