Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pooh-poohing on the Left

An example of the Leftist conciliatory-concessionist camp claptrap, via Zvi Barel of Haaretz:

After all, a few dozen rockets and mortar shells are no threat to Israel’s existence. 

Of course just "a few" of anything can be pooh-poohed.  Except perhaps one bullet to the head or one atom bomb anywhere near Israel.

But Barel misses, purposefully, the point.

It's not really, or fully, a matter of Israel's existence.

Yes, it could be only the injuries caused to hundreds and the deaths, God forbid, of many dozens and the property damage caused if those Iranian-exported rockets had gotten through.  Yet what Barel conveniently hides is that scenario is only the beginning of an incremental process that intends to weaken Israel, terrorize its population and ultimately, in the political sense, cause those frightened voters to alter Israel's government decisions and positions.

There is a threat and those rockets are the beginning.  And the more intense the threat and the weaker the response, the greater the danger to, yes, Israel's existence.  Barel wishes that you ignore the minor and has you ignoring the major.  A version of the frog in boiling water parable.

But why should even one death by downplayed by the Left?  Aren't they the humanists?  Aren't they concerned with the individual and not the state and its institutions?  Why should any drop of Jewish blood be spilled - just so Barel and Co. can prove (which they can't) their point of coming to terms with aggression and hostility?  Why the pooh-poohing?

My thought: they want us to sacrifice, to get used to sacrifices, to sacrificing. "Israel must make difficult sacrifices" becomes the mantra not of a danger but of a false hope, a vision of deceit, a trick.  Israel's sacrifices become honorable and praiseworthy and therefore, somehow, good.  But they aren't.

Barel wants us to believe there's nothing too much wrong with someone sending weapons of death to terrorists.

That is immoral.

But what is an existential danger to Israel, at this point, is the Haaretz editorial staff and columnists who are creating the mirage that the world out there is containable and ultimately, not at all dangerous.  And they are leading us down a pooh-pooh path.


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