Sunday, March 09, 2014

Arabs Aren't Anti-Semitic; Just The Cartoonists Are

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Arabs anti-Semitic?



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Anonymous said...

Arieh Stav put out a whole book of anti-Israel, anti-Jewish Arab cartoons. The cartoons in his book were all from AFTER the peace treaty with Jordan. He showed that the hate for Israel in the Jordanian press as shown by the cartoons was worse than in cartoons from countries with which Israel had not made a treaty. Stav also provides a background to cartoons in general with comparisons to cartoons in Der Stuermer
Arieh Stav, Peace: The Arabian Caricature [Jerusalem: Gefen 1999 ]

note that one of the cartoons on the front cover is of hitler shaking hands with Rabin. That cartoon was published after "peace" with Jordan. Note that it is Rabin that they are attacking, not Sharon or Netanyahu. St Rabin the peacemaker is shown shaking hitler's hand.