Saturday, March 29, 2014

Jabotinsky's Evidence

Eliyahu Green from Eli presented me with an original 1937 copy of Jabotinsky's Evidence before the Palestine Royal Commission that would declare partition as a resolution of the conflict in the Mandate territory due to Arab opposition to Zionism, one that was exceedingly violent:

My copy includes an appendix with two items: a telegram from Jabotinsky of Aprill 6, 1936 warning of an outbreak of violence in Eretz-Yisrael and that "scarcity imperial troops inefficient police" is dangerous.  The Colonial Office's W.B. Williams took affront and saw no reason to accept of Jabotinsky-led delegation.

On April 15th a bus was attacked and Jews killed and on April 19th, full-scale riots broke out when Arabs attacked the Jews of Jaffa.


There was an additional pamphlet:

Jabotinsky on Stavsky, of the Arlosoroff trial.

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