Thursday, March 06, 2014

Me and a NYTimes Editorial

The New York Times and yet another editorial on Israel.  Doesn't Tom, Friedman and Co. ever give up?


In Washington this week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel sounded two different notes about peace negotiations...he enthusiastically advocated a peace agreement as a means to improve Israel’s ties with its Arab neighbors...But at other moments, a more familiar skepticism was apparent. He demanded that Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state with “no excuses, no delays.”...

...In remarkably blunt comments, Mr. Obama said that he had not heard a persuasive case for how Israel survives both as a democracy and a Jewish state absent a negotiated two-state solution...

...In his Aipac speech, Mr. Netanyahu declared, “I’m prepared to make a historic peace with our Palestinian neighbors.” But, really, what other just and durable choice does he have? What is his long-term answer for Israel, if not a two-state solution?

My off-the-cuff comment:

Why jump to a state?  Even the Zionists had to suffer 30 years of Mandate regime.
Let's try autonomy.
Then we do a Jordanian confederation.
Then a joint Israel-Jordan condominium.
Then, well, then maybe a Pal. state but probably the one-state solution.  So why draw this all out?


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