Thursday, March 13, 2014

Antagonized and Angry

Item One:

Three Arab countries have banned the biblical epic movie “Noah” because it contradicts Islam...
Egypt’s top Islamic body, the Al-Azhar institute, said last week that the big budget film violated Islam by portraying a prophet and should not be screened in the country.
Having an actor play a prophet “contradicts the stature of prophets and messengers… and antagonizes the faithful,”

Item Two:

50-year-old man says he was angry at Jewish presence on Temple Mount, got idea from recent gas blast accident in capital.  Ziz Mussa Salam Auysat, a 50-year-old Arab from East Jerusalem, was arrested...after allegedly cutting gas pipes in the East Talpiot area of the city...
 According to police, Auysat admitted cutting pipes to harm Jews in retaliation to their ongoing presence on the Temple Mount and IDF operations in Gaza. As such, he is considered to have a nationalistic motivation for his actions.

Can some one tell why they are so angry and antagonized to the extent, that they do not only criminal and murderous actions but silly ones, as well?  That they must violently react, whether verbally or physically?


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