Thursday, March 27, 2014

Is Arafat, Too, A Terrorist?

At Mondoweiss, we read:

D.C. scribes party with red wine, vinyl, and image of a terrorist

 Last week Rosie Gray of Buzzfeed tweeted the photograph above of four American journalists partying with red wine and vinyl: (from left) Jamie Kirchick, Eli Lake, Rosie Gray, and Liz Wahl, the RT anchor who resigned on-air. In the discussion on twitter, lots of folks pointed out that Lake wears a t-shirt with the image of rightwing Israeli PM and terrorist Menachem Begin. Noah Pollak of the Emergency Committee for Israel said he bought it for Lake in Israel. (Neoconservatives look out for one another.)

I left this comment:

Since I don't have the time to do thorough research, can anyone inform me if Arafat is identified as a terrorist at this site?

And then I noticed (there were 65 comments and I wasn't going to go through them all) this:

 Philip Weiss says:
 March 25, 2014 at 12:01 pm

In 2084, when msm scribes party down with Arafat’s image, we will certainly post, as we did the Harvard students’ visit to Arafat’s tomb.

So, can I guess he won't be so described?

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Herb Glatter said...

recently i have wandered over to Mondodreck because they are hyper-sensitive to any slight against their holier than thou screeds. their "as a Jew" scribes are on display. at first i tried to have a rational conversation - fuhgeddabout it. comments by largely anonymous posters are hysterical with an abundant amount of indignation accompanied with exclamation points. awww, F**K 'em all