Wednesday, September 04, 2013

What's With the Four Fingers? (Updated)

Is a four-fingered salute something special?

Sheikh Ra'ad Salah:

A female supporter:

In a poster:

A clip of Islamists walking away from the Temple Mount at the Lions' Gate descent holding up hands with four-fingers up.

Maybe the four colors of the flag of "Palestine"?

Red = resistance
White = purity & love
Green = the rich land
Black - strength & Summud

P.S.  What happened inside the Temple Mount courtyard:-

Local youths threw stones at a group of around 40 Israeli rightists who entered the compound, witnesses said.

Israeli forces responded by storming the mosque compound and spraying protestors with pepper spray, lightly injuring three women.

Five people were detained by Israeli forces and scuffles broke out between Palestinians and police guarding the gates leading to the mosque.



My Arab language expert informs me that Allah written is Arabic can be made to appear as if written with 4 lines.  It's the Islamist "V".


(thanks to AZ)

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