Friday, September 27, 2013

Thor & The Two-State Solution - Graphic Zionism



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Thor said...

Please explain. If not two state solution then what? Imaginve tables were turned, Jews were living as they allways have in certain parts of the wholy land but the majority was under the rule of the decendants of neighbouring countries, e.g. Jordan. The Jews have been fighting with the State of Palestine for decades. They have gained some allies in the world and some of the allies of their neighbour have started to sway towards an idea. That both the Israelis and the Palestinians can have what they want. Their own country, nation, state. But then the State of Palestine says it will not tolerate a state of Jews right next to its border, instead it offers the Jews that they can become part of the country, can have same rights as the Islamists, can run for the same offices, establish same businesses. To you would that sound like a credible offer?