Tuesday, September 24, 2013

With Friends from Abroad

You may have read of the visit here of a group of 25 including EU Parliamentarians, a British Lord, an American Congressman and other outstanding lawmakers and public personalities from South Africa, Canada, South America, Hungary and other countries around the globe.

I was with them for their breakfast session at the Psagot Winery and the Binyamin Visitors' Center above Migron.

There I am at the table with Lord Simon Reading (grandson of Lords Reading & Melchett), Jordanna Macmillan and others from Canada and South Africa while Dany Dayan was addressing the attendees who included the Falics:

Some other photographs:

a) Rabbi Benny Elon addressing the group -

b) Congressman Doug Lamborn -

c)  Mrs. Jana Falic  -


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halman said...

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