Monday, September 30, 2013

Laor Seeks Brutes?

Yitzhak Laor, he of the "settlers-use-Palestinian-children's-blood-for Passover-matzoh-making", is upset.  Upset with Ian Lustick.  In Ha-Ha-Haaretz. And upset with 

In a word, the support of "the left" for the one-state solution results, actually in a convergence with "the right"

not in the image of a single state, but in the colonialist disregard of the Palestinian right to self-determination.

Those poor Pals.  Laor won't allow them to 'win' unless Israel - and Zionism - lose.

He explains:

Ian Lustick...wrote "Arabs in the Jewish State,"...the best book on the subject of Arabs in Israel...on the opinion pages of the New York Times, Lustick explained...his believes this solution is no longer possible.

The weakness of the "one-state" solution is of course its utopianism...Lustick prefers a new illusion.

Except that this is not just an illusion, but a surrender to the settlers and a transformation of the central left-wing battle...Is there an organization capable of uniting Palestinians and Jews, and whose institutions will build the "one state in the making"?...Israeli[s of]...this genre...are characterized by their inability to think about the Palestinians’ will...So it turns out the feathers of the two-state solution have been plucked and its radical left-wing supporters are stuttering....

His way out?

A militant political alliance against the settlements is long overdue, one that would go to work in the streets of Israel. This is much more concrete and moral than the illusions of a single state. The status quo is a lilting Israeli tune of negotiations that lingers on until Palestinian nationalism is heard from no more. What will we be? A nation of brutes.

I presume by "brutes", Laor intends to characterize our relationship towards Arabs.  We are brutal - and cruel, etc. - he believes.  (Are the Arabs ever brutal towards we Jews?)

But I would suggest that is not the single interpretation.  

It could very well be, and there are enough precedents, that Laor wants to be brutish towards his fellow Jews.


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