Friday, September 20, 2013

Who is in Rabbi Susan Silverman's Prayers?

Sarah Silverman's sister is a Reform Rabbi, and a big WOWer.

Sarah, 40, and Susan, 48, are two of four sisters who grew up in the predominantly Christian town of Bedford, N.H., with their parents, a father who ran a discount clothing store and a mother who founded a community theater company.

The Rabbi who said:

The way I look at it is this: the worst Jew is no better or worse than anybody else, and the best Jew is no better than anybody else. But as a people we’ve done pretty good. I was born Jewish, and I want to be part of this people who really make a contribution to the world above and beyond their numbers. There’s something good, something that propels us forward and makes us think about the world and not just ourselves.”

Could it be she, the Rabbi, wants to save her sister, the comedienne?

The one who wore a cross?



Thor Fjalar Hallgrimsson said...

Don't quite get your point. Saving is a fundementalist christian term, a rabbi is unlikely to try to save a christian, even if that person is a sister that has converted to christianity.
In any case I salute the Israeli version of Pussy riot.

Anonymous said...

Medad, you are missing the true interesting point about Sarah silverman. For 7 years, she was the girlfriend of some Hollywood B-lister. Which is higher up the Hollywood Food Chain than she is.

Just recently.... he ditched her. She's mid-40's (looks a bit younger because she's been pumping money into pumping up her face with Restylane).

He IMMEDIATELY started dating a mid-20's starlet. A GIGANTIC hit to her female-chitchat-circle Market Value. Been dumped like a used-up box of tissues.

Within a week after getting dumped, she made the statement that: "I refuse to get married until there's real total marriage equality for gays".

In other words, her rationalization hamster was spinning at the speed of light.

She forget to remember that, while women hold the keys to the sexual gate..... men hold the only key to the Marriage gateway.

I have no heartburn about anything that Reform Judaism "believes". Their doctrines are ==not== crazier than making pilgrimages to gravesites in Ukraine, or in spinning chickens around one's head.

What ==is== fair to point out is: Reform Judaism is becoming a female-owned-&-operated constellation.

Notwithstanding any posing to the contrary - that is the kiss of death.

In 150 years, "Reform Judaism" will be where "snake-handling Christian worship" is now.