Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Soviet Jewry Movement Killed Israel Peace Camp - Dershowitz

EOZ exposes Alan Dershowitz (again):

Instead of asking questions to expose Abbas as the liar and extremist that he is, he was fawned over by these so-called "leaders." Some of their questions are would make anyone cringe:
Alan Dershowitz: If only the people at this table were responsible for making peace I think we would have peace. Virtually everyone here is opposed to Israel’s settlement policy and wishes it would end. …

My question is this – Bill Clinton once said to me in a conversation, the real problems is, dammit Israel is a democracy and the PA is a democracy. Therefore before you make peace both sides have to persuade their constituents. And sometimes good things produce bad results. Let me give you an example. Many of us in this room were very active in bringing a million Soviet Jews to Israel. That was a great thing but it produced an extreme right wing in Israel which made peace more difficult. My question to you is how do you and we together work to persuade the constituencies on both sides that are opposed to the two state solution that it is in their interest to bring about a two state solution. How can we use democracy to help us rather than serve as a barrier to peace?

P.S.  A central figure in the Movement expressed the opinion that this - "Many of us in this room were very active in bringing a million Soviet Jews to Israel" - does not apply, first-hand, to Dershowitz himself.  He wasn't that active at all.


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NormanF said...

Jews are more insecure about themselves they are about their Arab interlocutor.

Which brings up a sensible proposal: before the Jews ask the Arabs to make peace with them, the Jews need to make peace with themselves first.