Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Unclean and Impure

Eli Pollak and I submitted an op-ed to the Jerusalem Post as we do every week.

Its subject was the proposed new satire series, "The Jews Are A-Comin'" on Channel One TV.  The one the IBA head claimed he knew not.

One of its creators had responded to the criticism of the video clip that was uploaded as a promo:-

Moni Moshonov, a renowned Israeli actor and one of the participants of the satire show, said Sunday: "First watch the show, and then decide whether to get insulted. Why judge the show after nine seconds of promo? It is upsetting that, without having seen the show, there is already such a response, and it is even more infuriating that people from every direction are trying to shut us up. It smells unclean and impure."

Our piece is here, but due to space restrictions of the holiday eve edition this was left out:

“The Jews, they’re a’comin’” is supposed to present some real talent to the Israeli public. For example, a lady named Yael Sharoni is one of the stars. She  participated in a highly-viewed TV series produced by channel 2 TV’s Keshet concessionaire called “Traffic Light” as well as the “Not In Front of the Children” Channel 10 series which congratulates itself for its sexual content, nudity and foul language.   We do not oppose the freedom of professional creativity and we wish her success in her chosen career choices.  This even might be appropriate for her chosen acting roles.  But is this the type of actress and role model  the Israel Broadcasting Authority should be employing at the tax payers’ expense?   When the younger viewers seek her out on the Internet, will they be viewing her talent or her anatomy?

A second “star” of this series is Moni Moshonov, a well known actor who does not hide his left- wing views. He did not partake in the boycott of Ariel but expressed his understanding of and respect for those  who cannot or do not want to appear in the “territories”. His response to the promo was outrage, how can someone criticize the series based only on a promo when they did not see the series itself?

So, who is really unclean and impure?


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