Tuesday, September 17, 2013

One State for One People?

I spotted this poster announcement of a rally at Binyanei HaUmma on Wednesday,October 2, signed by many activist groups and municipal bodies:-

and the story is:

"Yesterday here in Ramat Gan, about 10 extra-parliamentary organizations loyal to Israel, convened to assess the situation regarding the political moves of Netanyahu and formulate a coalition of organizations opposed to the establishment of a Palestinian State in Judea and Samaria...The message was:

'In evaluating the existing situation the participants are in agreement with respect to the danger inherent in the political moves...of Netanyahu as regards interim borders or an unilateral move. The coalition also discussed the steps and required to stop the political process. 

At the end of the Conference the statement issued was... a chance for the peace process is slim but the Coalition wants to warn against complacency regarding the dangers of the peace negotiations: there is a solid basis to suspect that the Prime Minister is leading to the establishment of a Palestinian State...The coalition aims to prevent disastrous consequences such as Oslo and the Disengagement and will make a true effort to form a United National Front (with Parliament and municipal bodies in other bodies, and join the fight). In the coming days there will be contacts with those organizations to determine practices.'

I have but one complaint.

At the top right, the slogan reads:

One State for One People

My Zionist education is uncomfortable with the potential implication of that.

Yes, this is the state of the Jewish People.

By law it is the Jewish state.  The democratic Jewish state.

Israel indeed should be the one state west of the Jordan.

But within that state are many people and peoples.  There is room and there should be room for all including non-Jews.  It is not the "the state of all its citizens" that Arabs and left-wingers and anti-Zionists seek, that is, stripped of its Zionist/Jewish character.

But there are citizens of all types of peoples.



Thor Fjalar Hallgrimsson said...

You are right to be concerned, one of the most repeated nazi slogan was: Ein Volk, ein Reich (one people, one state), maybe this poster was a hoax?

I'm glad to read in your post a confirmation that you wish for Israel with room for non-jews.

YMedad said...

The full Nazi slogan had "ein fuehrer" so there is no comparison.

Thor Fjalar Hallgrimsson said...

Yes, I see your point, that makes all the difference.

Anonymous said...

The only real way to square this circle is to COMPLETELY STOP paying attention to Judaism. In all of history, there never was a "Jewish country" and thus it can be revived.

There were several instantiations of Hebrew Sovereigns.

The IDF is the current instantiation of the Davidic Royal Family. They are in de facto control of the place - which is all that David himself ever had - or ever needed.

there are multiple problems with defining Israel as a "Jewish country", but the biggest one is: who's a Jew? Should a "Reform Jew" be allowed to make aliyah?

See what I mean?

Whereas, under my plan, anyone who publicly pledges and acts upon a loyalty oath to the Hebrew shilton - is one of us, notwithstanding his claimed, or secret, "religious" beliefs.