Sunday, September 22, 2013

Spotted at the Temple Mount Lower Entrance (UPDATED)

If you watch this Arutz 7 clip, you can see me waiting to enter and ascend:

About 150 Temple Mount observant Jewish visitors (that is, those who are careful concerning the Halachic restrictions [yes, I went to the mikveh this morning at 5:45] and stringencies) had already entered before my group, we were about 60-70 altogether and there were groups behind us.  They split us into groups 30-50 at most.

I took a picture of one of those Arab news web sites photographers - female.

I'll post my pictures later.

One of us managed to carry a set of the four species in his jacket.  I said a mi sheberach (prayer for one who is ill) for Miriam-Esther bat Shaindel.


Arab news site: 350 ascend.


Now the photographs.

First, you remember the post showing the stones thrown?

Well, some of them are still there:

The proof I was up:

Our guide, Dr. Yoel Elitzur:

Ours was a mixed group. women and children, too:

One of the Muslim photographers who perhaps snapped several of these pictures of the more than 400 Jews who ascended today (notice camera in hand) in addition to snapping us:-

The Islamists reported:

 ...the Israeli occupation provides broad protection for Mguethmin [settlers] but gave them more time to break-ins for extra quarter of an hour after 11:00 , which is unprecedented...Al-Aqsa Mosque is a prerogative of the Muslims, and the Muslims alone, and not to the Jews the right of even the grain of one piece of dust of Aqsa... 

and there was an additional 'problem':-

In a related development, said the "Al-Aqsa Foundation" that tens of thousands of religious Jews desecrated today the Wailing Wall - is an integral part of the al-Aqsa mosque - including pronouncing such rites as the "Priestly blessing" on the occasion of "Hebrew holiday" [Sukkot], which lasted for long hours over loudspeakers, their voices reaching to Al-Aqsa inside , and remarkably confused to prayers at al - Aqsa this morning .


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