Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Intifada Coalition is Here


Intifada Youth #Coalition invite all Palestinian people and parties to join us and rise up on September 27th 2013. We call on all forces to stand up once again, for Al-Aqsa, Jerusalem and against Israeli Occupation

A poster protesting police activity on the Temple Mount:

Items of provocation.

Flying stones from Al Aqsa from the video clip seen here:

Where do those rocks come from?

And this:

A Palestinian activist specialized in affairs of the occupied city of Jerusalem...Rasim Obeidat...warned that the occupation authorities, in light of the negotiations, are working on creating a new reality inside the Aqsa mosque, through the daily incursions of the settlers under the Israeli police protection, and the prevention of the Muslims from entering the mosque.

He pointed out that the Jewish Yishai Society is planning to establish a synagogue on the one sixth of the space of ​​the Aqsa mosque...


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Anonymous said...

I hope you've visited the Facebook page and the Twitter account of the Intifada Coalition.

Run this one through a translator: