Monday, September 16, 2013

Arabs Anti-Semitic?

EOZ caught this op-ed in Arabic:

And terms it anti-Semitic.

Is it?

With the help of Google Translate, I have excerpts of it so:-

...Jewish a Jewish book were written the signals and signs and texts that clearly describe the case of the Arab countries and what may happen where the strife and unrest and revolutions are planned by the Jews themselves...instructing the rulers and then their opponents by creating an atmosphere of chaos and create an atmosphere of explosions revolutionary cause havoc and destruction from then across the whole homelands...

So, we are guilty for the predicament of the Arabs these past three years of Spring.


The writer depends on "intellectuals and researchers familiar with the texts of the Jewish Talmud/Torah" to know that

Jews are the natural legitimate enemy of the Muslims studying the conditions of the Arabs by the Prophet...Based on this what is found in various books of prophecies and events are only normal expectations with all these intrigues and conspiracies and try to control and acquisition of the mentality of the Arab rulers of the weak money sometimes and other times pleasures...

Their personal failings are the fault of the Jews.  We work "to undermine and destroy the Nation of Islam.".

And we are evil:

...Jews in all their plots malevolently spread chaos and destabilize security in the Arab countries...[to subvert]  the establishment of an Islamic caliphate...[when Muslims]  are the victors in the end...the hype is frightening as to the role of Jews in the affairs of our lives and our destinies...[in accordance with] rare books to describe the fingers of the dirty Jews dirty how to play chess [and the pieces are Arabs] and how to move dolls (which are the Arabs as well) and how we heedless actually control our fate minds Jews spiteful necrosis.

...If this is psychological warfare with all these plots and know-how, we do not blame the inhibitory and fearful voices but we curse those pens promising endless power to Jews...

Of course it's anti-Semitic.

And think: if we had one-tenth of the oil profits the Arabs collect, we'd really be powerful and influential.


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