Friday, September 27, 2013

A Muslim Complains - the Good News

A complaint by Oraib Rantawirib that the protection of the Temple Mount as an exclusive Muslim holy site is failing.

Good news.


The Protection of the Haram is a Mission beyond the Jordan, Palestine<< Friday, September 27 / September, 2013
The Palestinians did not unite [and exhibit] the autism in the field [in] defending ' first kiblah and a third most sacred after the Two Holy Mosques...We unfortunately do not see that what is happening [how] the level of security and political situation in Israel affects the dimensions of the national and religious identity of the Palestinian...a finger in the the extent that it does not please [the Palestinian] to heal. 

Do you radio and television stations and Palestinian media outlets have dialogues and interviews...Do not relieve Jordan of its responsibilities...Jordan has moved from condemnation and denunciation to the reprimand, and there is a surge in the tone of Jordanian condemnation of Israeli action... has became necessary for us to think about the different scenarios, and worst-case scenarios...a scenario that will split mosque temporally or spatially ... allocating days for Jews and another for the Muslims , and spatially like the division of the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron ... We are approaching this scenario, has become the subject of research and studied , in the decision - making institutions of the political and security situation in Israel, and is not excluded that wake up the morning of the day to see the Al-Aqsa Mosque and joined his brother in Hebron.

Protection of the Al - Aqsa Mosque is not important Palestinian or Jordanian exclusively, is an Arab task par excellence...Why ignore Jerusalem while the funds of the organizations [result in] an empty Aqsa Intifada , while Arab money spent in the slave market and the fashion and the latest manifestation of opulence corrupt?Questions and questions , to be put forward strongly , and now, with the heads of some ministers and Arab officials , still « protector » overabundance of what they called the shouts and screams of militarization and armament and mobilization...


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