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The Last Maysoon Zayid Laugh

I left this comment

"incursions"? "storming"?  How open-ended is this blog?  Those terms are repugnant and reflect a mind-set that is anti-Jewish.  We Jews deserve by right at least a level of coexistence on the Temple Mount that is practiced at Hebron's Cave of the Patriarchs.  Or at least the lowering of the Denial Phenomenon.  And that "banning"?  Not because of our holidays but because of Arab violence.

Peter, can you exert some form of editorialship and at least correct factual errors?


Clashes at Al Aqsa at Open Zion.

Let's quote the writer, Maysoon Zayid,*


Abbas, who many consider yellow-bellied,...called out Israel’s daily incursions of the Al Aqsa compound...The repeated attacks on worshippers in Jerusalem were condemned by Abbas, who timidly shared that if the near-daily attacks on the Al Aqsa compound continued, there could be “dire consequences”...
...The Dome of the Rock protects the rock that Abraham didn’t sacrifice his son on and that Muhammad is believed to have ascended to heaven the chagrin of the Israeli extremists who insist on storming the compound and shouting about rebuilding the Temple and bringing on Armageddon. These are not folks coming to solemnly worship during the several visiting hours open to non-Muslims. This is incitement.
Why shouldn’t the Al Aqsa compound be open to all faiths? The answer is that it is, except during times of prayer and religious holidays. Israeli soldiers control who enters the compound, and then the Islamic guardians of the holy sanctuary, known as the Waqf, get their chance to reject visitors. I have often had to do the chicken dance to prove to the soldiers that I am Muslim so they will allow me to enter. I have never been asked to prove my religion by the Islamic Waqf. Only the IDF has questioned my faith. During visiting hours I have entered with friends of all faiths, no questions asked. Just take off your shoes and cover your hair if you identify as female. This is not about banning Jews from visiting, but about stopping incitement by zealots. 

Violence is being wrought upon Muslims worshipping in the Old City by extremists who believe it is their divine right to shout and shoot in this sacred space and the Israeli government is complicit in the daily harassment. The IDF protects those storming the compound by firing off sound bombs, tear gas, rubber bullets, and even live ammunition to clear the way. They have also trapped people praying inside the houses of worship for hours on end during these clashes...
Israel controls who enters Muslim, Christian, and Jewish holy sites in Jerusalem and is known to ban access to Palestinians if it happens to be one of their holidays...The daily incursions, permit restrictions, and random closures do nothing to support the notion that Israel is serious about peace, the two-state solution, or religious equality in the Holy Land.

Now do you understand my comment?

Even an American-born 'Palestinian' easily learns to lie, to misrepresent and to misconstrue reality in the service of her propaganda.

No one laughs at that.

P.S.  And if we can't pray there, can we at least play soccer?

Ms. Zayid is a comedian, actress, and writer. She is the Co-executive producer of the New York Arab American Comedy Festival and founder of Maysoon's Kids. Follow her on twitter @MaysoonZayid and see her work at

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